Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson, 5 others to fly on Blue Origin’s next mission to space

Each member of the flight crew will be carrying a postcard to space on behalf of Blue Origin’s foundation, Club for the Future.

The foundation’s Postcards to Space program “gives students access to space on Blue Origin’s rockets,” said Blue Origin. Their mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM.

Davidson's text was met with a swift reply from the rapper who pointed at the 28-year-old's use of profanity before asking him where he was.

The heated exchange continued, with Davidson asking West to meet up so the pair could sort out their differences.

"Let me help you man. I struggle with mental stuff too," Davidson said. "It’s not an easy journey,

But if you continue to press me like you have for the past 6 months I’m gonna stop being so nice," he added, concluding the lengthy text exchange.