Photos From the Scene of the Brooklyn Subway Shooting

A gunman opened fire in a Brooklyn subway car Tuesday morning, wounding 10 people.

seven men and three women

Another 13 people sustained injuries related to smoke inhalation, falls or panic attacks

Gunman fired into a crowd 33 times, police say

Emergency personnel gather at a subway stop in the Brooklyn borough of New York

Officers swarmed the area in search of security-camera footage that might show the gunman

Smoke filled the platform at the 36th Street station in the immediate aftermath of the shooting

A uniformed officer approached, said his radio was not working and asked passengers to call 911

Commuters told investigators the gunman opened two smoke grenades, brandished a 9 mm handgun and fired multiple times

Frank R. James, 62, whom the police were looking for in connection with the shooting

New York City police officers and M.T.A. employees redirecting subway riders away from the suspended N